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A host of dedicated researchers, produced a vast array of information about the multi-ethnic church. As a result, this body of research informs practice for those involved in ministry with a diverse population.

As the multi-ethnic church moves forward in the 21st century, what are some of the areas that should be researched for the diverse church of the future? I’d love to hear your thoughts about topics to consider. I listed some of mine below.

Areas for Research

  • Impact of church growth strategies on creating and maintaining a healthy, multi-ethnic church
  • Tri-gen model
  • Long-term strength of internal (multi-venue, multi-site) church plants and external plants (autonomous)
  • Change to the center of power in North American missions
  • Effective, holistic ministry practices
  • Managing change and conflict
  • Contextualization and syncretism in relation to culture
  • Liminality and marginalization
  • Effective training practices in preparing indigenous leaders for ministry with varied academic backgrounds, broad generational ranges and different worldviews
  • Leadership development for Generations X and Y populations
  • Immigration and the church.