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Personal Cultural Landscape: Influence on Biblical Interpretation

Jan Paron / August 17, 2012

Presents a draft of Weaver’s cultural iceberg model applied to understanding a person’s suppositions on hermeneutics…

In an earlier post, Hermeneutical Spiral and Culture, I wrote about a person’s cultural lens and its influence on understanding of biblical text. After envisioning cultural components that influence hermeneutics, I sketched out a couple of charts, or what I call cultural landscape maps, set against Weaver’s cultural iceberg model (1998). Although in draft form, I saw a fuller picture of cultural suppositions emerge through these landscape maps. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject!

Cultural Iceberg

Hermeneutics: External Influences of Culture


To ponder…

  • How does your cultural landscape influence the various facets of biblical interpretation?
  • Create our own cultural landscape map that influences biblical interpretation. What do you bring to biblical interpretation? How does yours differ from another person?



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