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Anatomy of a Servant's Heart

Let Your Light go forth and shine so that all may know You, O God of redemption.
We will praise You, O Lord, our Rock, Our Shield, our Hightower;
We will tell of You, Lord, of Your mightiness.
We will rejoice and be glad in You, Lord, Our Redeemer, our Salvation, our Light;
We will sing praise to Your grace and enduring love.
Order our hearts, minds, and our bodies for Your purpose, O God.


Let Your favor go before us for Your glory, O God of all righteousness.
We will look to You, O Lord to prepare our hearts for Grace-full leadership;
We will yield our hearts to You, Lord, we are Yours.
We will draw upon Your divine wisdom, Lord, to guide our hearts;
We will look to You to fill us with Your strength.
Keep our hearts close to Your bosom, O God.


Let Your Spirit flow free and dwell within us, O God of truth.
We will listen to You, O Lord, focusing our minds on Christ-centered leadership.
We will serve You, Lord, telling others of salvation.
We will seek understanding, Lord, of Your ways for our lives as leaders;
We will use our minds to accomplish Your vision.
Sustain our minds with Your far-reaching knowledge, O God.


Let Your will be done, Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven, O God of creation.
We will be a living testimony to You, O Lord, patterning our ways as Spirit-led leaders;
We will walk with You, Lord, making our actions and words honor You.
We will be shepherds, Lord, and feed Your lambs and take care of Your sheep;
We will show our love and follow You.
Lead our hands and our habits to demonstrate a grace-filled life, O God.


Let others know of Your joy and peace, O God of grace.
We thank You, O Lord, our Comforter, our Shepherd, our Healer;
We sing for joy to You, Lord, marveling at the wonders of Your might and works of Your hands.
We shout our love for You, our Redeemer, our Savior, Our Light;
We bow down and worship You.
Teach us to be humble, O God, King of kings.

Jan Paron
January 15, 2007/ All Rights Reserved

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